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my real vs. bootleg guide

Hopefully this helps people figure out if what they're buying is real or not. :(

This guide covers:
Nendoroids (+ Vocaloid puchi nendoroids)
Figmas (I've never seen a a bootleg one irl though so this is coming from what others have)
Scaled PVCs (sob. Black Rock Shooter what have they done to youuuu)
Hetalia One Coin Figures and plush
Vocaloid Gift plush and I just found a bootleg BRS plush orz
Places to buy real things from

Bolded things are what are mostly bootlegged.

Disclaimer: This is the first time I've EVER made a guide, so I'm not saying after reading through this you'll be super good at telling fakes from official. This is just how I, myself, tell if things are real or fake. So yeah, I might be missing information.

All pictures are from myfigurecollection.com (tsukiboards), Hobby Search, GSC, this person's blog;; (lost the link!), eBay or are my own photos.

Why I think it's better to get official stuff: (just my thoughts;;)
- it's supporting the creator
- why pay $50 for a fake figure when you can get the real one for the same price?
- official stuff look nice
- fake things could contain materials harmful to your health in them ):
- they don't break as easily, or not stay in their stands
- yeah I think it's mostly because bootlegs look terrible Q_Q


I think out of all the nendoroids, Miku might be the one most mass-produced fake because of demand and popularity (other than the Death Note nendos)


From this picture, the left side is the real one, the right side is the bootleg. Right off the bat, fake nendoroids are REALLY shiny. Like, they're made out of shiny plastic because the companies that made them were too lazy to sand them down to make them look matte, like the official nendoroids. Second, on Miku's default closed mouth smiling face, her eyes are looking forward, and on her open smiling face, her eyes are looking to the right. On the bootleg, this is reverse, so her closed smiling face is looking right, and her open smiling face is looking straight. This is the same with the bootleg Snow Miku nendoroid.

Rule 1: Bootlegs are shiny and inaccurate.


/o\" When you take pictures of nendoroids, they shouldn't look shiny like the Sebastian above. Real ones are made from matte PVC, and should look more like this:



Left is real, right is fake. Another example of bad paint job/detail.


Rule 2: Bootlegs screw up paint jobs. (boxes with red text are official nendos, blue text is fake)


Fake!Saber is off colour, and they screwed up the symbol on her armour.


The horror.


Nendoroid bases shouldn't just say "Made in China" on them.

General rule of thumb I use for Nendoroids (and figures):
If it's shiny desu everywhere (not pearl paint, just shiny), it is fake.


QAQ Fake Mioooo.

Note: For nendoroids, price for fake nendos won't always be like $10 each. I've been to cons where fake nendos were being sold for $50-60. And unwary people bought them. So be careful!

Vocaloid puchi (petit) nendoroids

If they look like this, something is wrong:


Hey Meiko when did you turn blonde? Once again, horrible paint job, and wtf the sculpts themselves are just terrible. And eww shiny.

They should look like this: (except the picture I have here is the "prototype" pictures, so the bases here are not the normal puchi bases. They should have the normal puchi bases)


Another way to tell if they're fake or not:

They shouldn't be on a keychain. o_O"


Yes, so I've never seen a bootleg figma irl before. But they shouldn't bend funny like this.
(look at her legs and arms ;A;)

They also are made from shiny PVC, off colour, and their joints are REALLY loose. Something I forgot to mention before, Nendoroid and Figma boxes should have a sticker on them telling you it's real. Sometimes they don't, but usually. With figma's, it's hard to tell if they're real or not when they're in the box still, so look for the sticker. If you see the Lily Saber figma for $30, say hi to a fake. That thing is $60-$120 /without/ the game alone, so $30? Fake.


Mikuru's mad because she's fake. :(


Here's the real one.

Helpful blog entry for spotting bootleg figmas!

PVC figures


Yeah, I don't care what others say, I'd take official over fake any day.

This rule applies to all fake figures:
If it's sculpted badly,
too cheap, (i.e. $10 nendoroid >w>)
painted badly,
their box is faded/also off-colour,
lack of detail/no detail/ parts missing,
It is fake.

Real Sebastian

Fake Sebastian

Real BRS.

Fake BRS. (hair is so off!)


Fake Haruhi is shiny and looks bad. ):

With Griffon Enterprises, their figures have a metal tag on their bases. The following Marisa and Shana are fake. (metal tag is replaced with a sticker lol so cheap)



Metal tag.

Don't get fake PVCs, it makes Saber turn into Sader. :(


Hetalia One Coin Figures

Okay, these things are badly painted, off colour, and usually in sample pictures Germany and Romano's heads and bodies are switched. owo" Easier way to tell: their bases are way bigger than the official base, and the figures are not magnetic or held up by a metal pole, but a plastic stick.




All I know is that the fakes don't come with boxes and are around an inch bigger than the real ones.



Vocaloid Nendoroid Plus Gift plush

This is coming from experience. Yes, these are actually well made. You could be tricked into buying one, just like me from appearances only. =w="

So yeah, I bought a fake Hachune accidentally at a con. ;w;" But now I can use my real Miku and fake Hachune to educate you guys! 8'D

Fake Hachune, Real Miku.

As you can see, left (Hachune) is actually a different shade of blue from right, Miku. Also, a big clue is that Gift plushies have joints, so you can pose them. My Hachune just kinda flops around pathetically LOL;;

Although they've made fake Gift plushies with joints now, there are still other ways to tell if they're bootleg or not.

Fake plushies have a "hairline" of fabric under their bangs.

Real ones don't.

The normal (not Hachune Miku) Miku does not hold a leek in her hand!
See, this one /looks/ real but is not.

Hachune Miku
This one is fake. How do I know?
Look at her lanyard. It's on the right side of her skirt (right as in rightleft right, and her right not ours.)
Real Hachune's lanyard is on her left side.
I think Hachune fakes are the only ones without joints but I'm not sure.
Also, as you can see, the real Hachune holds the leek by the end, not the middle. (so the real Hachune looks like a leek is growing out of her hand. XD)

Gift plushies also /only/ come in one size, and that's around 20-25cm. Anything bigger or smaller is fake. Unless you live in Japan and somehow got those HUGE Marisa and Reimu plushies that are rare.

Price is also a factor! The officials are sold for $30-35. They're out of print now. So if you see one on eBay for $30-$35 or less, it is most likely fake.

They've made fakes of Reimu and Marisa too! >:

Lastly, this newly bootlegged BRS plush.


Her coat is not supposed to be glossy/shiny, her twintails are too filled, and her right tail is supposed to be shorter than her left. (by twintail/tails I mean her ponytails;;)

She should look like this.

Where to buy official figures and stuff

^ sites I use

There's also PlayAsia, YesAsia, Jbox/list, Toylet... I'll write more when I remember XD"

If you buy things off of eBay. Be VERY careful. They could post a real picture but send you a fake figure/plush/etc.

Look at the price. $10-$20 nendoroid? No, real nendoroids range from $60-$120 on eBay. (with shipping)
Where is the seller from? Safest sellers are in Japan, but then the price will probably be super high. Be super careful if you're looking for the first BRS PVC. Real or fake, her price will be $200+.
Look in the description. I don't care if it says "by Good Smile Company" in it. That doesn't prove anything. Especially if it's not from Japan, look for the words "official" and "authentic" in the descriptions. If they're there, 99.9% of the time it's real.

Please remember that sometimes, even official items, will have factory defects. (like my Miku Nendoroid pffft) This is to be expected though, as they are also mass produced in factories. (if anyone is curious, my Miku just had an imperfectly painted smile. Nothing a needle couldn't fix. XD)

Yeah so I hope this guide helped you. ;w; I'll update if I find out anymore stuff;; Thank you for reading!



Jun. 13th, 2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
Lool my ex bought it for me at an US con in January.

T-thank you ;A;
球音 ラア久
Jan. 6th, 2011 05:28 am (UTC)
I think it's nice that there's atleast one of these :) but I have to say, I kinda prefer the fake BRS figma over the real (lol)