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[sticky post] Feedback!

Please leave feedback from pkmncollectors here. :)

Thank you! ♥

Sales permisson granted by entirelycliched on June 3, 2012!

New feedback system page~


Leafy's Fire Red Nuzlocke Challenge~

Oh man I've never even PLAYED Fire Red before lol this can't end well. (I was going to do Yellow or Silver but lol internal batteries dead)


♥ Nickname everything.
♥ Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. this is my first nuzlocke, I'm going to box everything that dies instead;;
♥ The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
♥ Pokemon get 2 chances. The first time they faint, they're still okay. The second time, they're dead. (This is because I'm only average at playing Pokemon;;)
♥ Only allowed to heal at PokeCens. No status healers allowed.
♥ Legendaries may be caught, but have to be boxed, and can't be used. (lol so useless)
♥ No duplicates. If a duplicate is the first encounter, you get 2 more chances, after that, either kill it with fire defeat it, or flee.
♥ If you encounter a Pokemon that you had before but died, you can catch it.
♥ If you find a shiny, rule 3 is dead and you can catch it. (does Fire Red even have shinies LOL;; /only ever played Yellow, Silver kinda, either Diamond or Platinum kinda, SS, and Black lololol)
♥ Good luck~

Starter: Charmander

Current team:
Pyro (Charmeleon)
Rokutousei (Pidgey)
Nezumi (Pikachu)
Vivian (Butterfree)
Eli (oddish)
Raeg (Magicarp)

Roku lvl 3-14, Brock's Onix
Vivian lvl 5-13, Brock's Onix
Nezumi, lvl 5-18, random lvl 29 surprise Dugtrio attack


Aug. 7th, 2011



Kay so I'm not getting any of these until all the slots are filled lol;;


Minun: Me, Salma
Plusle: Me, Salma
Rayquaza: Calvin, EMPTY
Kyogre: Russia, EMPTY
Groudon: Russia, EMPTY

$5 each


Pikachu: Andy
Zorua: Me
Zoroark: Calvin
Celebi: Salma
Piplup: EMPTY

$6 each

There's also this one if anyone's interested, everything here is $3.5 shipped O____O!


Torterra: EMPTY
Infernape: EMPTY
Empoleon: EMPTY
Diagla: Me
Palkia: Andy

(not my picture! ;w;") http://pics.livejournal.com/jantyl/pic/00041egq

Charmander: me
Totodile: Calvin
Squirtle: EMPTY
Chikorita: EMPTY
Bulbasaur: me
Pikachu: me
Treeko: EMPTY
Torchic: Calvin, will trade to me for Luffy XD
Mudkip: EMPTY
Cyndaquil: mememe ♥

$6 each also!

Aug. 7th, 2010


my real vs. bootleg guide

Hopefully this helps people figure out if what they're buying is real or not. :(

This guide covers:
Nendoroids (+ Vocaloid puchi nendoroids)
Figmas (I've never seen a a bootleg one irl though so this is coming from what others have)
Scaled PVCs (sob. Black Rock Shooter what have they done to youuuu)
Hetalia One Coin Figures and plush
Vocaloid Gift plush and I just found a bootleg BRS plush orz
Places to buy real things from

Bolded things are what are mostly bootlegged.

Disclaimer: This is the first time I've EVER made a guide, so I'm not saying after reading through this you'll be super good at telling fakes from official. This is just how I, myself, tell if things are real or fake. So yeah, I might be missing information.

All pictures are from myfigurecollection.com (tsukiboards), Hobby Search, GSC, this person's blog;; (lost the link!), eBay or are my own photos.

Why I think it's better to get official stuff: (just my thoughts;;)
- it's supporting the creator
- why pay $50 for a fake figure when you can get the real one for the same price?
- official stuff look nice
- fake things could contain materials harmful to your health in them ):
- they don't break as easily, or not stay in their stands
- yeah I think it's mostly because bootlegs look terrible Q_Q

cut for lots and lots of picturesCollapse )



Pick 2-3 characters, you'll see why sometime in the future~ (I'd actually prefer if you picked 2 Q_Q")

Black Rock Shooter [2]
Black Gold Saw
Miku (?!) [1]
Cirno (she's the strongest <3) [3]
... Remilia? [1]
Amu (Shugo Chara) [2]
Listen!Azusa [1]
um. China? [1]
Misaka Mikoto
China dress!Hideyoshi
oh and I guess school uniform!Mio

IDK anything else you want?

[45] Hetalia, mostly Asia and official pictures;;


As always, the number from the Pixiv picture link is in the icon's file name.
Crediting me is awesome but not necessary, if you don't at least credit the artist!

aiyaa yonsennenCollapse )